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Our team is sadly dealing with a lot of personal financial hardships and need help keeping up with infrastructure costs for our Mastodon instance.

If you'd like to support the DataParty team you can do so on our kofi: If we're able to hit our $500 monthy goal we'll be able to keep the service up with significantly less financial stress for our team. We'll also have unmetered bandwith which is key to our strategy for cost controls.

Why support out instance? We're a team of Black American hackers, participating in Mastodon gives us and our community a voice and platform that we're rapidly loosing on other services. We know Mastodon is a key solution for people like us to organize, build and thrive; but things are still early. We need help so we have the staying power to be part of the solution helping Black internet users learn and embrace Mastodon. If you haven't noticed, the US does not support Black technologist. Its a lot like a nightmarish version of the comedy classic "Hollywood shuffle" and like Robert Townsend our credit cards are tapped out.

We'll be back online soon via temporary donated hosting but will be less performant than our scalable+unmetered self hosted solution and we're likely to run out of bandwidth. We're developing a roadmap to avoid downtime in the future and get back to our unmetered cluster setup. We expect to publish the roadmap later this week. Please consider joining our mailing list or following our team account (@[email protected]) once we're back online for updates.

nullagent & rekcahdam

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